In the refinement taste there is a message for every woman

We create and dedicate our shoes to real women. Our desire is that she chooses a pair of Sergio Amaranti to feel good with herself. We wish that when you wear our shoes, the mirror will show you a very important truth: you don’t have to dream to be someone else, because you’re beautiful as you are. Your merits and your defects, your virtues and your weakness makes you unique!

You are real women: you don’t have to wait for the charming prince, but you lightly plunge in feelings and in daily mishaps of life, you show off your red nail polish on your nails even when you have to get your hands dirty to work, you face the events with positivity, you accept surprises with curiosity. You love to feel good in the clothes that you choose: you deserve the shoes that are perfect for your femininity. Sergio Amaranti collections style is inspired at you. It’s stylish and comfortable, both décolleté with a vertiginous heel, and charming flat: it allows you to be naturally sophisticated, in any case. It’s refined and contemporary: it is careful with fashions and trends, but translate them through our personal taste.

Particularly, the taste of our Moira Amaranti. She’s a woman like you: real and practical, that finds her inspirations by travelling through real streets; Moira transform everything that attracts her attention into elegant details, every time that she designs the new collection. For this reasons Sergio Amaranti style is unmistakable: so refined, so personal shoes that you can’t wait to put them on your feet!


Passing the know-how between mind and hands, having beauty in the heart

That one of Sergio Amaranti company is a family story. Ours. It’s the story of Sergio and Raimondo, two brothers united by a deep affection and a common destiny: they both entered the first shoe factory in Marche when they just finished school, and they just show the skill of learning the job with mind and hands. At that time, there were only few factories in the district; Sergio and Raimondo, in a short time, learned all the handwork steps and become very requested skilled craftsmen. This career gave them the courage to throw in a new adventure when they were still very young: the courage to found their own company.

The first step was to buy a building: on the top part there were respective houses with grandmothers that ten children; on the bottom part there was the laboratory, the core of this first activity: a small artisan factory.

It's 1975: the born of Romina brand, the name of Sergio’s firstborn and the identity of a classic, tidy and elegant female line. In the Nineties it changes its name and become the current Sergio Amaranti. They just changed the name, because the way of making shoes is always the same, and it still identify themselves: Sergio and Raimondo have an innate sense for beauty that drives their craftsmanship. They just love to do beautiful shoes: it’s the heritage that they passed to the new generation.


All the values of industry and excellence

We’re in Marche, the most important European shoes district. Our materials and components come from this area, our artisan workers belong to this territory and they are guardians of the ancient manufacturing tradition: we make sure that Sergio Amaranti and this region grow up together. It’s the reason why, in our opinion, the beauty is even in the supply chain: everybody recognizes himself in the style of our corporate approach, in the philosophy of knowing how to make good shoes. In effect, Made in Italy is not just a product: Italian style characterizes even the processing steps, it reside in the unique mode of working as artisans, that make beautiful the Italian shoe because it’s cured with consciousness in its all realization steps.

The secret is on synergies: our collaborators are historical, with whom we have matured a long time a relation based on trust and great respect. But we open our doors also to young people, innovation bearers. For us, the real made in Italy is the absolute quality: in the choose of the best materials, in the research of people that join in Sergio Amaranti big family. They concur every day to make the company composed by simply normal people, where the founders are not closed in the management office, but they are still on the front line with other workers, because in that place they keep doing what they love. And that is the place where the shoes become a reason for a shared pride, when their value become discerned and esteemed.

We also practice excellence as a form of correctness: we feel us rich just ensuring solidity and transparency to our collaborators, whose rights are totally respected. We transmit sincerity and reality to women that choose us, in order to protect their beauty.

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